Why do your memories of me ALWAYS differ from mine of the same event? Why are individual perceptions so different?

Welcome to the Joe A Simpson Jr’s Back Down Memory Lane podcast, shared storytelling from the corners of the mind. Hopefully, these conversations and shared memories will jog yours and spark a renewed interest in sharing stories with those relationships, friends, or loved ones from your past.

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Episode 9: Megan Rose

In this Episode Nine (9) of the Back Down Memory Lane podcast, Joe talks to another special friend he met during the pandemic, Megan Renee. We talk about our paths initially crossing in WordPress, origin stories, and the difficulties of social unrest, and the bright voices that appeared in the darkness.

Episode 8: Sally Ann

In this Episode Eight (8) of the Back Down Memory Lane podcast, Joe talks to a friend I met during the pandemic, Sally Thoun, one of the special souls that made a dark 2020 bright and inspiring for me. We talked about our initial meeting in my backyard doing a virtual Meetup last summer, our shared experiences as survivors of major health crises, and why we give back, and why it’s so important to us.

Episode 6: Raynard Vincent

In this Episode Six (6) of the Back Down Memory Lane podcast, Joe Simpson talks his long-time friend and former colleague, Raynard Price who saw every door closing as an opportunity to travel in a new and exciting direction. An incredible personality with an incredible backstory, enjoy part one of our two part discussion.

Episode 5: Carolyn Louise

In this Episode Five (5) of the Back Down Memory Lane podcast, Joe Simpson talks with his mother, Carolyn Lewis of skeinsandthings.com whose knack for making things out of various threads and yarns what the launching pad from my creative path in life.

Episode 4: Myron

In Episode Four (4) of the Back Down Memory Lane podcast, Joe Simpson recalls a paradigm-shifting conversation at the front desk of a fitness center after a workout that evolved into an inspirational story and connection in a place where you least expect it.

Episode 3: John Corey, Pt 2

Music transcends cultures, boundaries, and can heal. We'll learn about the science behind how John's music helps the elderly and influences that shaped our lives. We'll also hear the amazing story of how a long-distance call was instrumental in saving a loved one during a brain attack (stroke), drama during the "greatest wedding of all time".

Episode 2: John Corey

Learn how a comic book rack in an adult bookstore in a small town in southeastern Michigan fostered a friendship starting in elementary school has endured the test of time. If you blink, you'll miss his part as an extra in the first The Avengers movie, shot in Cleveland where he's lived his life since moving there in the late seventies.

Episode 1: Kat

Reminisce about the differences in a first meeting tale with Digital Nomad and WooCommerce Docs Lead Kat Christofer and how perceptions and motivations weave very different stories within our minds. Also, this week's "Memo to Self" recalls a ride to Detroit Metro Airport, an adventure with a fast-driving Lyft driver with a crazy story.